Who We Are

Who We Are

Go Global by Going Local – Precise Localization Optimizes Engagement

Today, global presence has become necessary for any enterprise and organization hoping to connect with customers around the world, and the rapid growth of Asian markets is particularly tempting. This starts with accurate translation and localization. Professional localization is of fundamental importance in any marketing strategy to decrease the barrier for new potential customers, as localized products fit local market conditions better and lower cultural barriers.

X Creative Media, based in Asia, is a leading provider of premium translation and localization services for businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of fields. By combining language, cultural, global marketing, and technology expertise, we help multinational businesses reach, engage, and support more customers in Asia faster and better. In addition, we have experienced a good number of large-scale projects and won the trust of our customers.

As a professional and experienced localization company representing some of the world’s most celebrated industry-leading brands, X Creative Media helps you minimize localization costs and efforts by up 40% while accelerating time-to-market. This means that you can successfully market, sell, and support your products and services faster in a global marketplace in order to grow your revenue and enhance your brand recognition.

After years of development, we successfully expanded our business scope from web and document translation and localization to include multimedia localization, desktop publishing, and even business communication, with only one goal in mind: to assist you enhance and optimize your unique marketing workflow, and provide the asset and expertise you need to engage your customers with the greatest impact. In this way, you can cost-effectively enter the Asian market at scale.

Our team can help you navigate, communicate and engage with your customers throughout Asia, whenever, wherever, however. We firmly believe that our success is built on the success of our customers. It is our constant endeavor to be a source of competitive advantage to our customers by becoming an integral part of their businesses. To achieve this objective, we have instituted customer focused practices into our delivery and quality processes.

We at X Creative Media never forget that we are a service business, and we are always willing go the extra mile for our customers to advance their businesses.