One-Stop Localization Services with Unmatched Quality

Localized content matters. It is now imperative to most international companies. modern world. X Creative Media provides a full range of affordable, customized translation and localization services to meet your diverse needs across industries, content types, and platforms.

Our translation and localization services span all content types, including marketing, web, technical manuals, learning materials, software, multimedia, and legal and financial texts. Once your project has been translated, every single word is checked using rigorous quality assurance processes.

Web Localization

Seeking to expand their reach and communicate to the world’s single largest market? We have the resources, tools, experience, and methodologies to ensure that your multilingual web presence will effectively promote your company’s image.

Document Translation

From corporate brochures to product catalogs to press release, we deliver high quality document translation of every kind in all formats for all specialist industries, to help you grab your audience’s attention.

Desktop Publishing

Whether it’s a brochure, company profile, user manual, promotional collateral, or any type of document, we can design and lay out your document to reflect your brand and the expectations of the local market.

Video Localization

Our multimedia localization services empower you to appeal to your target audience in their native language. We offer a variety of multimedia outputs and processes, including script transcription and translation, subtitling, voice-over and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than connecting you with your customers; we can help you empowering your brand in the today’s marketplace providing measurable and tangible results with our rich media planning and market research services.

APP Localization

You need to have your software and app translated to maximize their distribution effect. With our resources, capacity, and management capabilities, we can help you save time, money, and rework in the localization process.