Software and App Localization

Software and App Localization

Increase purchase of your software packages and downloads of
your mobile apps to reach as many users as possible

When you launch into international markets, don’t let a rushed translation distract from the strength of your software. Accurate software localization offers tremendous help to businesses who seek to leverage the success of their products in new markets. It is the only way to assure better customer experience, higher satisfaction, and of course leading to increased sales and repetitive purchase.

X Creative Media is pleased to offer customers in the mobile app and software industry with high quality multi-platform app and software localization services. Leverage the success of your newest software products around the globe by partnering with our industry experienced app translation team.

Our linguists have abundant experience software localization to ensure your software is translated with knowledge, precision, and care. We offer linguistically and culturally, localization and translation for mobile devices content that helps your device operate as intended in the source language. Our translators concentrate on identifying all the cultural nuances to formulate the appropriate, efficient, accurate, on time and professional translation projects for target audiences to avoid miscommunication.

We offer comprehensive software localization services for all kinds of software product. This includes:

Localization of the software User Interface (UI), resource files

Translation of software documentation, User Manuals, User’s Guides

Translation of online help

Translation of websites, web pages and web portals

Localization of iPhone apps, apps for smart phones and tablets

Translation of XML, HTML and database files