Web Localization

Web Localization

Easily create, launch, and optimize Asian-language websites to enter the world’s fastest growing economies

As online trends develop and business strategies change, businesses need to face the facts that digital presence is now a huge part of a brand’s identity. Your customers are first gaining awareness of your company via your website. They can learn more about your company’s history, your products, your services, and your philosophy.

To target the world’s fastest growing economies in order to build your business, you need to localize your web content to improve your digital presence in the Asian market. It is estimated that more than 90% of Chinese online consumers indicate greater comfort level with websites in their language, localized web content is critical for companies seeking to establish a foothold in the Greater China markets.

Web content localization, however, can be a complex process that involves project management, translation and review, quality assurance, online testing, in-time updates, and the reuse of previous content, modifying the existing Website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to the target audience. You need a reliable partner to help you achieve the goal.
X Creative Media has the resources, tools, experience, and methodologies to ensure that your multilingual web presence will effectively promote your company’s image. For businesses seeking to expand their reach and communicate to the world’s single largest market, we offer comprehensive web content localization services that make the process simple and efficient for our clients.

Whether your website is built via HTML data input systems or customized content management systems (CMS), we can provide the highest quality and most contextually accurate translation of your content. Our website localization services cover everything you’ll need, including translation of all web copy, navigation items, database content, banners, graphics, and multimedia components.

Website localization services

X Creative Media has a comprehensive set of website localization services, including:

• Localization and adaptation of online and interactive content

• Style guide and template creation

• Translation of static and dynamic content pages

• Glossary development

• Translation memory management

• Database content translation

• Translation of content management system (CMS) exports

• Graphics, multimedia, and audio/visual components localization

• Post-translation online quality assurance and validation

Benefits of Web Content Localization:

• Effectively reach and inform potential clients

• Improve product visibility and company services

• Improve clients’ experience by providing precise, informative content adapted to specific cultural environments

• Provide translated content of such high quality that users won’t be aware that the website was initially developed in a different language

• Provide a platform that successfully connects clients, partners and employees with your company to retain clients

• Increase sales results

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