Video Localization

Video Localization

Video Localization

Video Localization and Subtitling to Accurately,
Effectively, and Clearly Convey the Source Message.

Multimedia content is an effective, powerful, and simple way to portray your audio and visual message. If your project contains audio/video components that will reach a global audience, success can only be achieved if these components are successfully localized to connect with your target audience.

When it comes to video localization and subtitling, it requires more than translating dialogs, it also involves capturing the same meaning and context of the original content. Moreover, one thing to consider with subtitling is that it has time and space restrictions that directly affect the result. Therefore, the length and time codes of the translated subtitles must be adjusted to make them clear and easy to read, and thus to maximizing global receptivity of your video.

Whether you are developing multimedia projects for online presentations or product introduction, our expert linguists at X Creative Media can provide intelligent solutions that meet complex multimedia localization requirements. We are capable of translating and subtitling videos, animations, commercials, and digital marketing into different Asian languages. In addition, we can help you efficiently manage the various activities and resources needed to complete these projects on time, on budget, and with focus on cultural relevance.

One-Stop Services for Audio & Video Localization

Professional audio and video localizations involve much more than simple translation. On top of the technical and cultural considerations, finding appropriate specialists in a different country to nail your marketing message is actually very difficult than you imaged.

By partnering with X Creative Media, you can assure every aspect of your project going well and worry free. In addition, you can save remarkable time and effort as well as cost. We provide multimedia localization services covering transcriptions, script translation, voice-over recording, video subtitling, video editing, and post-production.

As X Creative Media is a Asia based professional translation and localization company, thus Asian languages, especially mandarin, both simplified and traditional Chinese, are of great advantage to us. Today, mandarin is the official language of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and is also one of the official languages of Singapore.

We can also provide subtitling, audio editing and video editing services with the help of in-house engineers.

Our capabilities include:

Video and audio transcriptions

Script translation and localization

Voice-over recordings

Video subtitling and editing

Post production

Other multimedia content localization, including image and animation